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The Importance of SEO in the Gambling Industry

The past 20 years has seen rapid change within the online gambling industry with the methods of success and value of the market constantly growing and changing. The online gambling industry is steadily growing to a value of £5bn and should surpass this by 2018. This value creates great interest and opportunity in the market and draws many new competitors to the industry.

Few onlookers to the market realise the heavy reliance of SEO that the gambling industry enjoys. Success in an online world is based on web-traffic and google page rankings. Mass competition in the market allows competitors who aren’t among the gambling elite to challenge near the top-end of the industry simply because of SEO.

Scott Manford, CEO of Easy Slots Gambling Site “At Easy Slots our main priority is utilising our SEO strategy to have the greatest benefit on the market. Although we do market ourselves via PPC and affiliate marketing, SEO remains the priority and maintaining rankings at the top of the pile is often a full-time job.”

“In an industry where the stature of your brand holds little to know significance the battles can be won through leading SEO practice and a deep understand of the Google algorithms.”

3 reasons why SEO is vital to the gambling industry

  • The culture of the online gambling industry is very different to other markets in the fact that there’s no tangible product to sell. You’re essentially offering an online service. Google’s goal is to create a search engine that gives the most relevant and high-quality results for your search. For gambling companies this is your sole marketplace and the competition lies in looking the best for Google. The web traffic you can generate in being on the first page of google for your key search terms is the difference between success and failure in the industry.
  • High-street brand reputation doesn’t necessarily mean success. When many betting operators began to go online, it was assumed that the success and allegiance the big names enjoyed on the street would translate directly to the online space. SEO enables businesses that don’t natural possess the same magnitude of brand identity or funds to compete with the big names in the industry. There are aspects of SEO like domain age and authority but for the most part, remaining at the top of the online industry is down to constantly maintaining and tweaking your SEO strategy to fit the updates of Google.
  • It’s not just SEO as a whole you need to consider. It needs to be expert level SEO. Bad SEO can hinder the success of your online platform more than not having a strategy at all would. With the Google algorithms constantly changing its important SEO technicians stay on top of the latest rules and behaviours to assure that a site is not penalised for their actions. Penalisation can occur when you buy weak links or duplicate content. Organic and fresh SEO practice is the number 1 way to find success in the online gambling industry

As the online gambling industry constantly grows and adapts to the new algorithms that Google sets we constantly see new competitors emerging and rising to the top of the gambling pyramid. Your standings in the industry can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis with your place in the market being as volatile as the slot games your players enjoy.

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