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8 Amazing Video Conferencing Software You Can Use

Businesses use collaborative management tools to maximize their time in producing quality services. One of these is the videoconferencing software which allows members from small to large groups to huddle as one. Here they can conduct meetings and seminars, among others. Whether your global supplier of steel banding products or small PR agency, video conferencing is one of the best ways to keep in contact with your clients and suppliers.

Here are some of the most commonly used videoconferencing software by businesses:


Zoom is one of the most widely used web conferencing software which can be used for online meetings, training, and technical support. Businesses can have webinars that can cater up to 100 participants.


GoToMeeting is a middleweight conferencing software targeted at small to medium-sized businesses. It is supported by both Windows and OS devices. This software can start meetings, integrate outlooks, record, dial and organize conferences. Its meeting component offers easy switching between the kinds of meetings you are holding.

Google Hangouts

A fun and interactive software which allows you to bring conversations to life with photos, emojis and even group video calls for free. It is available for Apple and Android devices.

skype - 8 Amazing Video Conferencing Software You Can Use

Skype for Business

Apart from Skype, they also have a videoconferencing software designed for business customers. It is supported by Windows, OS and Android devices. It can do what Skype does like video calling, messaging and screen sharing, among others.


This software offers effortless browser-based videoconferencing. Their core aim is to remove the complexity of hosting a meeting. There is no need to download certain applications or circulate dial-in numbers. You just have to send the ‘room’ and invite your colleagues to join the conference.


This software has all the core features you need to provide you the best video conferencing experience. It is supported by Windows, OS and Android devices. Apart from the video calling, they also have internal applications that allow you to document, make presentations, schedule and many other functions. Join.Me is recommended for smaller businesses.


HipChat is a private online chat and instant messaging application that enables you to video calling with groups. It is supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be downloadable in Android and iOS smartphones. It features messaging, 5GB of file storage, image sharing, and searchable chat history, among others.


WebEx is perfect for online meeting and personalized videoconferencing. This software is aimed at larger businesses, although it can be used in smaller groups for free. It is also supported by Windows and OS devices.

What is your favorite software?

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