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7 Very Useful Software for Free

The best things in life are free and these things can be found on the internet. Check out these 7 very useful software that you can download for free on the internet:

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

Basically we wanted to protect our computers with antivirus software. However, they are very expensive to purchase. Lucky you, BitDefender Antivirus has a free edition that can be easily downloaded. It protects your PC from viruses and malware. You can detect and eliminate those threats immediately.

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WPS Office Free

Microsoft Office is definitely one of the most popular tools used by many in word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. However, for those who cannot renew their purchase or are still suffering from the outdated editions, you can download for free a very similar software which is the WPS Office. It does exactly what Microsoft Office does.

Google Chrome

Despite various web browsers available on the internet, Chrome stays as the most trusted web browser by internet users. It is very flexible and stable in providing results. It is also user-friendly. Its integration with your Google account makes it easier for you to access your YouTube and other accounts.


If you cannot afford to buy music at iTunes or even get Spotify Premium, you can download MusicBee, a free music player. It has a huge collection of songs from various artists of all the ages. It offers smart tagging and hardware optimization for best playback quality.

Freemake Video Downloader

If you want to download videos for free, download a free video downloader. Freemake Video Downloader has more than 93 million users worldwide. It has features that allow you to save, convert, crop and play videos.

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If you are fond of creating video contents but cannot afford to buy an Adobe Premier license, you can download Lightworks for free. It lets you edit videos and save them on high definition. Believe it or not, some Hollywood films are produced through this software.

Foxit reader

Foxit Reader is a free PDF reader that allows you to view, edit and create PDFs. It can also convert Microsoft Office files and scanned documents to PDF.

Which among these free software is your favorite?

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