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8 Cool Websites That Can Teach You How to Code

If you are a beginner in the world of web development, you might want to improve your coding skills. There are various online platforms that provide free tutorials and lectures. Check out these 8 amazing websites to learn how to code:


Codecademy is one of the best places to learn on how to code for free. Codecademy is driven to give the best learning experience through their customized platforms. This group realizes that programming is not a conventional thought for many when studying in public school education, thus, they look for a way to make education more interesting and that is through bringing the classroom online. They have over 24 million users that strive to learn to code.

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Code Wars

Code Wars introduces a fun and interactive way of learning how to code. Their martial arts-themed site provides programs from advanced to more difficult lessons. Students can decide on their desired coding language to learn including C++, Java, JavaScript, Rust, Ruby, SQL, PHP, Swift, TypeScript, and Crystal, among others.

Free Code Camp

The main objective of Free Code Camp is to teach students how to code so that they can help non-profit organizations. With their passion, they have solved over 30 million coding challenges and has donated more than $1.4 million in developmental projects.


Udemy was founded in 2010 and has helped individuals improve their job skills. They offer various programs which include a small selection of free programming courses. They have thorough video lessons that you can watch. There are also special lectures which you can pay to avail.


EDX is among the leading online learning platforms that are not for profit. It was founded in 2012 and has over 90 partners all around the world including universities, institutions and non-profit organizations. They provide courses in computer science and engineering. Further, they have a wide variety of subjects you can learn from.

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Coursera is one of the largest for-profit educational and technological companies in the world. They offer more than 1,000 courses that come from a total of 199 institutions. They offer data science and computer services. Some of their advanced lectures are available for a fee.

The Odin Project

This website offers free web development tutorial services to students. They will help individuals build their portfolio so that in the future, they will be easily hired. Students will learn various lectures including an introduction to web development, programming, JavaScript and more.

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Code Avengers

In Code Avengers, students are exposed to the professional world of experienced web developers. They will be provided with step-by-step instructions, series of quizzes and assignments. They can also meet some experts through a community of learners and educators. Now, there are over 1 million satisfied students from almost 200 countries across the globe.

Visit these websites and start coding. Good luck!

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