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8 Common Programming Languages Used by Web Developers

Today, there is a very high demand for programmers who are experts in different coding languages. Especially in businesses that utilize the internet as a tool to market their product, service or company. If you want to excel in the field, you have to gain basic knowledge about some of the most used programming languages by web developers.

Here are 8 of the commonly used languages of developers:


Java is considered the most popular programming language that is used in building server-side applications, video games, and mobile applications. It’s the core foundation for developing Android apps. It is also known for its “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) program which enables Java code to run on all Java-supported platforms even without the need of recompiling the codes.


Python is a widely used programming language that was released in 1991. As a high-level language, it has a design philosophy that stresses code readability and a syntax that lets programmers express concepts in fewer lines of codes. Moreover, there’s a Python framework for almost everything – from web applications to data analysis. Thus, it is considered one of the easiest to learn.


C is among the first programming languages encountered by web developers. C depends on compilers often used to provide low-level access to memory and language constructs that direct efficiently to machine instructions. C is designed to promote cross-platform programming.


Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that is a major supplier of web applications. It supports multiple programming paradigms such as object-oriented, functional and imperative. Moreover, it has an automatic memory management and dynamic type system.


JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is basically everywhere. This language allowers developers to add interactive elements to their sites. JavaScript is also one of the main core technologies of the WWW content production. Thus it supports functional, imperative and event-driven programming styles.

prog - 8 Common Programming Languages Used by Web Developers


PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessors is usually used in dynamic data-websites and application development. It also provides a ton of power to sites like Facebook and WordPress. A PHP code may be embedded into HTML or can be used in combination with web template systems. As an open-source language, PHP offers free pre-built modules which you can modify or redesign to get ideal results.


SQL or Standard Query Language is a domain-specific programming language that manages data held in relational database management system. SQL introduces the concept of accessing various records with one single command and eliminates the need to determine how to reach the record.


Objective-C is a general-purpose and object-oriented programming language that adds a distinct style of messaging to the C programming language. It was used by Apple for their OS X and iOS operating systems. It was also chosen as the main language to be used by NeXT for their OS.

Do you know how to code using one of these programming languages?

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