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How to Choose an SEO Agency?

If we have something to promote online, we need to use a process that allows our product, service or blog to be found. While the posting of links on certain websites can have some effect, it’s not a process that’s going to serve us well in the long-term. This is why search engine optimisation is so important for those looking to make the right impression online.

The truth is that SEO can be a time-consuming endeavour, and not everyone will have the time to contend with such a task. Therefore, many people will employ the services of an SEO agency, but how should we go about finding one that’s right for us. So here are a few tips that you should follow on from one SEO company in Glasgow

Look for Value

When looking at SEO agencies, it can be tempting to go with the company that is offering the lowest price, but we really need to look at what we’re getting for the price we’re paying. For example, more unscrupulous companies may offer a price that seems like a bargain, but only carry out very basic SEO, or underhand practices. When choosing an SEO company, you need to ensure that you are paying for the right kind of service, while ensuring that the processes being carried out are all above board. Using a company that’s not able to contend with this could mean that your website has a series of ramifications moving forward.

Avoid SEO Agencies Offering Guaranteed Rankings

There’s no denying that the job of an SEO agency is to improve the search engine rankings of a website, and the right kind of agency will be able to do this. However, a company that states they can guarantee first-page placement on Google for the long-term will need to detail how it plans to do this.

While an SEO agency will look to optimise your site, there’s no real way of guaranteeing where a business will show when it comes to search engine results. Therefore, keyword research is so important, as simply guessing can mean that we’re losing out on several demographics.

This isn’t to say that SEO can’t deliver first page rankings, and in many instances it does, but as more and more people adopt the Internet as daily life, then several factors can change in the space of a day. This is why ongoing work is needed to ensure that your website is able to contend with the changes that can occur within the Internet.

Ask for Reviews or Testimonials

While an SEO agency may proclaim to be the best option, if it’s not able to back up its claims, then it could be overpromising when it comes to results. Those who have found success thanks to the service an SEO agency will only be too happy to leave an online review, or provide the agency with a testimonial.

As such, you can read reviews on several different platforms to ensure that the claims of an SEO agency are backed up by their customers. If a company is a little reserved when it comes to offering such information, then it may be worthwhile looking elsewhere.

Ensure the SEO Agency Gives You Realistic Timelines

When it comes to SEO, it’s not unusual for a business to want to be up and running within a short time frame, but the truth is that SEO can be a large investment of time, and results may not be quickly as you’d like. There are options available if you’d like to get your product in front of people, but this is something an SEO agency can discuss with you in more details. Not only will the right SEO agency be able to advise as to how long results will be seen, but it can also advise on other avenues that aid your business in the short-term.

Avoid SEO Agencies that “Work with Google”

There is a lot of competition within the world of SEO, so it makes sense that companies will try different ways of standing out from the crowd. This may be in the guise of a unique service that’s offered by a company, or offering excellent customer service. Unfortunately, the more unscrupulous of companies may try more underhand methods, such as claiming it works alongside Google in relation to its SEO practices.

While many companies have a great understanding of how Google works, and have managed to create strategies that make an impact, the more reputable of companies do this by using the correct SEO techniques.

It should come as no surprise that employees at Google often must sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure sensitive information isn’t leaked outside of Google, so it’s very unlikely the company would be working alongside any SEO professional, regardless of their reputation. 

An SEO Agency Must Understand Your Business

For any form of SEO to be effective, the SEO agency undertaking the work needs to understand how your business works, and the service it offers, otherwise any work carried out could be a complete waste of time.

Companies that state they have a method that can be applied to all websites should be avoided at all costs. Although SEO is an important factor for any website, the process used could vary depending on the goals of the business.

While there are some factors to consider, a business looking to expand shouldn’t undervalue the benefits that SEO can bring to the table when it comes to promoting a business.

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