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Top 12 Collaborative Management Tools

Businesses and large corporations utilize various software and programming tools to maximize their operations. In working with clients, service providers and important stakeholders, they use tools that enable them to collaborate with each other.

Here are 12 of the most common collaborative management tools used by businesses:

Electronic Calendars

Also called time management software, they are used to schedule and organize events. This is very important for business and personal appointments. This software will automatically inform or alarm you before the scheduled event. Some of the most used electronic calendars are Windows Live Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Project Management Software

This software focuses on the planning, monitoring, and execution of certain projects. This will help you in achieving specific goals for your project within the given period of time. This may also include the time frame, scope, quality, and budget, among others.

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Online Proofing

Online Proofing is the process of reviewing and approving the work of online freelancers and service providers including web designers, video editors, photographers, marketing specialists, and writers, among others.

Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Managers specialize in collecting, organizing, managing and sharing information with colleagues and clients. This software is specially designed for large corporations.

Workflow Management Software

Through this software, businesses may be able to manage tasks and documents collaboratively within that knowledge-based business procedure.

Enterprise Bookmarking

This refers to the method of storing, organizing and searching bookmarks of both web pages on the database and the internet. This is performed collaboratively and collectively in a procedure by which users add knowledge tags.

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Prediction Markets

Also known as information markets, this software specializes in trading the outcome of events. It has proponents that determine probabilities, future ideas and event derivatives. Businesses use this to forecast matters like sales, income and market conditions.

Extranet Software

Extranet systems are sometimes called project extranets which specialize in collecting, organizing, managing and sharing information associated with the status of a project. This is commonly used by construction firms.

Intranet Software

Intranet systems are used to quickly share corporate information to members through the internet. This is specially used in marketing, advertising and web development companies, among others.

Social Software

Social software is specially designed for social gatherings through the internet. It has interactive and communication tools to capture and present. Apart from messaging, it comes with audio and video components.

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Online Spreadsheets

An online spreadsheet is a web-based application intended for collaborating and sharing structured data and information. It can be viewed, edited and managed by multiple persons who are members of a particular group or company. There are free online spreadsheets such as Zoho Office Suite, Google Docs, and Sheetster.

Client Portals

This software is created for private communication purposes. Clients can interact and share in a closed and exclusive environment. Client portals provide a secure entry point in which requires members to log into an area before they can view, download and upload private data.

To be more productive and efficient, you can invest in these tools. Also, there are many free software available online.

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